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From 1st July 2016 Priority1 Wealth Management group is proud to offer all new clients only true independent advice. We have also committed to transitioning all existing clients to the new independent model as soon as possible.

You should have the opportunity to make smart choices about your money. This gives you the greatest probability to accomplish your goals, your aspirations and your financial freedom for the reasons that are important… to you. We believe you should be able to focus on the things in your life that are more important to you than money.
You engage our services to provide the expertise required for you to make informed decisions to secure your financial security. We do this through thorough research and having the expertise to cover all areas required to get your financial house in order and we will keep it that way.

Priority1 Wealth Management Group is proud of its commitment to now offer all new clients only true independent advice and transition all our existing clients to independent advice in due course.

Based in Croydon and Ringwood in Melbourne and servicing clients Australia wide you engage us because we are one of the few TRUE COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS in the country. We only get paid by you and absolutely no one else. This means we work only for you.

This means our own Licence, which we alone own and run. No commissions…of any sort! No percentage based fees! Only flat dollar fees for the services YOU need.

As fully independent financial advisors we can draw on a broad range of investment options to suit your financial strategy. This provides increased scope for investment strategies that will best suit your personal financial needs and goals.

“We help you make the right choices about your money so you can achieve your goals for the reasons that are important to you”

Why Us?

There’s a lot of financial advice out there. For many people, it’s hard to know where to begin. But when you become a Priority1 client, we begin with you. With thorough and friendly attention to detail, we give you a total financial health check. Only by identifying and understanding your current financial situation can we begin the process of understanding your goals and identifying the best ways to achieve them. Through all the major financial decisions of your life, we’re there to guide, advise and manage, so you can get on with less worrying and more living.

How We Work

We don’t just want to meet our clients — we want to know them. Really know them. By coming to understand your wants and dreams, we begin the process of wealth creation in a way that’s sympathetic to your unique take on life. We conduct a thorough audit of your finances to learn what parts are working, what parts aren’t, and what parts are missing altogether. Then, having set you on a path to reduce money-related headaches and improve financial security, we remain a part of your team at every important financial juncture in life’s journey.

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