Our Community Support Program

Supporting charitable organisations and providing financial education seminars.

Our Community Support Program comprises two elements. The first is our commitment to donate at least one percent of our total profit to support worthy charitable organisations including Diabetes Australia, Oxfam, Save the ChildrenGarfield North Outdoor Education Centre, Sport and Life Training

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The second element is our commitment to provide FREE financial education seminars to groups within the community, such as workplaces, schools, community groups, clubs or simply family and friends.

Financial education encompasses both knowing about money matters and being equipped to utilise that knowledge by applying it across a range of contexts. What a person needs to know to be financially literate will vary depending upon their circumstances and needs. Generally, however, our seminars will involve an understanding of;

  • your own values and priorities;
  • budgeting and why we need to save and how to manage your money;
  • managing your debts;
  • superannuation and retirement planning;
  • investment and wealth creation choices;
  • where to go for advice and additional information, guidance and support;
  • the importance of insurance and protecting against risk and passing on your assets to loved ones.

As we are a fully independent financial advisory service our seminars are 100 per cent focused on strategies. They are not forums for selling products in return for commissions.

To enquire about arranging a free seminar, please Contact Us. We will be happy to hear from you.