They are a group of friendly knowledgeable professionals who have assisted many of my family and friends with financial issues ranging from retirement planning, investment strategies, insurance to things as simple as helping me pay off my home loan faster. They help to focus your attention onto a plan to try to accumulate wealth and are not scared to ask questions as to why you are doing something if it doesn’t make sense to them.

Michael and Linda - Mature Couple

Easy to get along , very personable organisation who take my future very seriously.

Jason and Tasha - Young Couple

Professional, gave the time to explain the options so I did understand the advice being given. Easily accessible, friendly staff. They keep in touch so I feel advice and decision making are on going.

Adrian - Owner of a Small Business

Personalised service that is tailored to you, but are flexible and understanding to changes in our life situations.

Rob, Claire, Thomas(4) and Lily(1) - Local Family

I feel comfortable and trust Priority1 to look after our personal and business finances.

Jenny and Blair - Small Business Owners

It’s nice to have someone overseeing our financial planning to make sure we are on the right track.

Richard, Louise, Jordan(14) and Ethan(11), Young Family

Very helpful friendly advice. Always available to help and go the extra mile. I am not afraid to ask a “silly” question. Made my changing to Retirement easy.

Clive and Jillian - Retired Couple

Give them a call you will find every one who works there more than happy to help at any time.

Xavier - Local Accountant

I would say that it’s not as intimidating as you think to talk to someone about money. That the staff at Priority 1 are professional, friendly and they know what they are talking about. They have always made me feel welcome and most importantly, I have never felt judged because of the mistakes I might have made or my ignorance in terms of wealth and finance.

Jane - Single Mum

Integrity; reliability, and consistency would be the words that would best describe how Corin has worked with me in building my superannuation portfolio, over an extended period of time. By giving me clear direction for my portfolios, his sound advice has resulted in enabling me to have my limited resources grow into sufficient funds for me to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.
Corin’s commitment to service has been ongoing as he took into account my personal circumstances and I have no doubt that he would give this to others wanting a service where attention is given to the individual needs of the client.

Kate D, Warrnambool