Community Support Program Announcement

As many of you know we have a Community Support Program where one aspect is to donate a percentage of our revenue to charitable causes selected with the input from our client community.

Some of the groups we support include Diabetes Australia, Garfield North Outdoor Education Centre, Oxfam Australia and Philippine Relief Program.

As many of you also know I had the privilege to spend time on a trek in Nepal prior to starting Corin Jacka Financial Solutions.

Despite being one of the poorest nations, the people are wonderfully friendly and happy and anyone who has visited Nepal will know the people, as well as the magnificent landscape, leaves its mark.

Nepal also lacks many of the resources needed to rebuild after the recent tragic earthquake and the landscape also makes this task incredibly difficult.

To support Nepal and its people this year’s charitable donation will be to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal, hoping over time it can make a small difference.

Thanks everyone.