How the retirement of the Boomers will affect the economy

  From psychedelic drugs and the birth of rock and roll in the sixties to the sexual revolution and female equality of the seventies through to the rapid up take of personal computers in the eighties, Australian ‘baby boomers’ have always caused waves. Now as they move into retirement, the groovy generation are about to … Read more

Should you downsize to upsize your retirement

To downsize or not to downsize is the question facing many home-owning Australians in the lead up to or in their retirement years. And the answer is… it depends. There are many factors to consider when weighing up the decision of whether to sell the family home or not, and it depends on your personal … Read more

Six retirement wrongs that could send you broke!

While retirement should be the best years of your life, many Australians make simple, avoidable mistakes with their finances that can leave them dependent on the age pension and without the funds to really enjoy life. However, with some simple good advice at the start of retirement, these mistakes can usually be avoided, leaving retirees … Read more

Federal Election 2022 – what could this mean for you?

A number of changes were proposed by the Government during the election campaign, and support was also announced for a number of proposals made by the previous Government. So where do things stand, what’s next, and how could these proposals impact you? Below is a summary of some of the key announcements to date, and … Read more

Are you sacrificing your retirement for your adult children?

According to, 44% of Australian parents feel the urge to subsidise their adult children’s lifestyles. Besides helping with expenses such as university fees, utilities bills, etc., as home ownership moves beyond many young peoples’ reach, parents provide a leg-up into the housing market. It’s natural to want to ensure your children’s financial security, regardless … Read more

Closing the gender superannuation gap

Most people, when asked about retirement, will tell you they’re looking forward to it. However, for many women, the approach of retirement is viewed with uncertainty. In recent times a spotlight has been shone on the gender pay gap, resulting in greater awareness of women’s conditions in the workforce. Yet we’re still overlooking how lower … Read more

Account-based pensions

An account-based pension offers regular, flexible and tax-effective income from your superannuation. You can get one when you reach ‘preservation age’ (between 55 and 60). It lasts as long as your super money does, but is not a guaranteed income for life. How an account-based pension works An account-based pension (or allocated pension) is a … Read more

How to transition to retirement

As you get closer to retirement, you’ll start to wind down and want to work less without compromising your lifestyle. That’s where a Transition to Retirement Pension (TRP) could work for you. It could help you through the next stage of life when you’re not quite ready to give up working yet. Work less for … Read more

Six ways to maximise your retirement savings

You might think there’s not much you can do to increase the value of your superannuation in retirement. But with Australians now spending close to 30-years in retirement on average[1], our super needs to last longer than ever. As a consequence, the federal government has proposed some changes to superannuation that will make it easier … Read more

New financial year rings in some super changes

As the new financial year gets underway, there are some big changes to superannuation that could increase your retirement savings.  Some, like the rise in the Superannuation Guarantee (SG), will happen automatically so you won’t need to do a thing. Others, like higher contribution caps, may require some planning to get the full benefit. Whether … Read more

Retirement planning in your 50s: choose your own terms

Early retirement planning never hurt anyone. Here is the steps many of his 50-something clients take in order to make the best retirement plans. Retirement planning strategies Financial advice isn’t about making the most money all of the time. It’s about coming up with solutions and strategies to help you meet your personal goals. When … Read more

Should I rent or own a place in a retirement village?

  Key points: There are varying tenure types that can impact your rights over a property in a village Make sure to understand all the costs and fees that are associated with taking a placement in a retirement village Legislation and regulations differ depending on the State or Territory you live in Generally, the deciding … Read more