Help us Improve financial literacy in our primary schools

Financial literacy is having an understanding of money and finances and being able to apply that knowledge to make effective decisions.

We believe the more people understand about the options they have, the better decisions they will make.

As part of this commitment we actively work at providing support and programs to primary schools, secondary schools and workplaces.

For our primary schools we advocate the Banqer program.

Banqer is an online financial literacy tool that helps teachers deliver important financial concepts in an engaging and relevant way.

Netwealth are generously supporting Banqer to make it free for 15,000 Australian children.

The classroom is transformed into a virtual economy where students transact with one another and the teacher using their own online mock bank accounts. They experience budgeting, taxes, super, mortgages and much more in a hands on, safe and controlled environment.

If you would like Banqer to be implemented to a school you are involved in let us know and we are happy to provide what support we can to make it happen.

Check out our case study involving North Ringwood Primary School.