PRESS RELEASE – True Independent Advice Makes its New Base in Maroondah

After living locally in Ringwood North for over 17 years, Corin Jacka and his financial planning business, Priority1 Wealth Management Group jumped at the chance to set up shop at the North Ringwood Shopping Centre.

Priority1 Wealth Management Group has seen business continue to grow as more people seek independent financial advice and has set the challenge to offer true independent advice to as many residents of Maroondah as possible.

“We know that a good financial plan can lead to greater levels of happiness, peace of mind and increased feeling of security but so many people just don’t trust the financial planning industry,” says Mr Jacka.

“And why should they, corrupt is probably too strong a description, but financial planning has been and, unfortunately, still is, riddled with conflicts of interest.”

“If your adviser doesn’t meet the principles of independence then I strongly suggest you look elsewhere, giving you a better chance to get an adviser that works in your interests, not their own.”

Mr Jacka said Priority1 is committed to offering what he calls true independent advice. His firm will not be accepting commissions or percentage-based fees, offering genuinely independent financial advice.

“I think to act in the clients best interest has to mean charging a fee for the actual service needed” Mr Jacka said, “I don’t think you can be independent and be taking commissions tied to product recommendations, such as insurance and even charge percentage-based fees.”

“Change is only going to happen when the community votes with their feet. The industry’s got too many vested interests to change any time soon, even with the recent reforms.”

“We are proud to now have the opportunity to bring true independent advice to my very own community right here in Maroondah,” says Mr Jacka.

Corin Jacka

Priority1 Wealth Management Group


Priority1 Wealth Management Group

Melbourne-based Priority1 Wealth Management Group offers independent financial advice, with integrity, to an increasing community of clients across Victoria and around Australia.

Founded in 2007, the company seeks to deliver true independent financial coaching and strategic advice, and provide financial education seminars as part of its Community Support Program.

Services include strategic advice such as appropriate structural planning, taxation planning, cash flow management, asset management, estate planning and risk management.

Demand for the company’s services has spread thanks to the growing popularity of Priority1’s informative educational finance seminars. Recently the firm conducted a series of independent seminars at DENSO Automotive Systems Australia in Croydon, Melbourne. The workshops also had the support of the Maroondah City Council.

In 2014 Priority1 joined forces with Corin Jacka Financial Solutions to create one of the strongest independent financial planning companies within Melbourne’s outer east. Over 400 families now enjoy the comfort of knowing they are receiving the unique benefits of genuine independent advice, which is specifically tailored to their own personal goals and objectives.

About Corin Jacka

Corin Jacka has been providing financial advice for almost 20 years.

He is a strong and vocal critic of the current conflicted financial planning industry structure and is a strong advocate for true independent advice.

After beginning his working career in strength and conditioning coaching and sports administration, Mr Jacka moved to the National Australia Bank where he was employed from 1997-1999.

He then had a 13-year stint with financial advisory firm – Financial Foundations Australia, in Dandenong, Victoria – before founding Corin Jacka Financial Solutions in 2012. Corin then joined with Priority1 in 2014 as a Senior Advisor and took up a Directorship in mid-2015 and ownership in 2016.

He is regarded as a leading expert in independent financial advice and adjudicates on the Financial Ombudsman Service panel on investments, life insurance and superannuation. Mr Jacka is also a fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and is a Certified Financial Planner.

Mr Jacka describes himself as a ‘financial coach’ and is motivated to help educate and assist people to make better decisions about their money.

He prides himself on providing the most appropriate advice for his clients and says that his guidance is not motivated by commission-based fees but is rather motivated by the knowledge that a good independent financial plan can lead to greater levels of happiness, peace of mind and increased feeling of security.