Priority1 Director, Corin Jacka, Takes up Appointment as Community Ambassador at Smiling Mind

One of the visions of Priority1 Wealth Management Group is to improve people’s overall happiness and wellbeing not just their financial literacy.

“As part of this vision I am thrilled and honoured to be appointed a Community Ambassador at Smiling Mind”

Smiling Mind is a pre-emptive mental health and wellbeing program. They are a not-for-profit initiative funded by private donors. Their core objective is to teach young people and adults a life skill that will help to manage stress, increase awareness of negative emotional states, improve attention and focus and help prevent mental health issues later in life.

“With between a quarter and a third of Australians reporting to suffer above normal levels of stress, anxiety and depression there is a real need to provide programs to improve wellbeing in schools, workplaces and communities”, said Mr Jacka.

Research shows positive psychology and the practice of mindfulness mediation can increase an individual’s emotional intelligence, general wellbeing and ability to focus and pay attention.

“Having practiced and experienced the benefits myself and seen it in others, I firmly believe this practice can make a significant contribution to someone’s overall wellbeing. Particularly when incorporated with other areas such as improved financial literacy, physical health and social engagement”.

The Smiling Mind mission is to provide accessible, lifelong tools that become embedded into the fabric of society. Creating happier, heathier, more compassionate people.

“I am really looking forward to further developing my own meditation practice, working with my community to raise awareness, particularly in the local schools and workplaces, of Smiling Mind and mindfulness meditation and its benefits in our modern world,” says Mr Jacka in anticipation of taking up his new role.