Priority1 New Introduction Video

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Introducing Independent Financial Planning Advice Group Priority1 Wealth Management Group

Why we do what we do?

When people are educated, informed and make smarter decisions about their money they can add significant value to their financial position. Because when people aren’t engaged and not involved in making smart decisions it is costing them money.

At Priority1 Wealth Management Group we passionately believe we can help people focus on the things in their lives that are more important to them than money.

We believe the right advice helps people make smart choices about their money so they can accomplish their goals for the reasons that are important to them.

The clients that engage our services share this belief.

How do we do it?

We provide financial strategies to help individuals, couples and their families enhance their quality of life by helping them get their “financial house in perfect order,” and keep it that way….forever. This ensures that they can have the greatest probability of accomplishing their most important goals.

We work with individuals, couples and their families who are financial delegators, are passionate about their deeply held values and tangible goals and embrace an enduring relationship with their advisor, their financial coach.

What we do…

We do this by offering a true independent, accessible financial coaching solution. We provide accountability to ensure the greatest probability that the plan unfolds well. This is what provides the client the peace of mind to focus on more important things in their life.

We are 100% privately owned, operate under our own licence, charge fixed dollar based fees only for the professional services provided, and do not accept any commission.