Reminder: Do you need to claim a personal tax deduction for superannuation contributions you made

If you have made a personal contribution in the last financial year and wish to claim it as a tax-deduction you will need to complete a valid Notice of Intent (NOI) form and send it to youir superannuation fund by the earlier of:

– when they lodge their 2017-18 tax return,
– and 30 June 2019.

However, it’s important to note that to be valid, a notice must also be provided prior to making a rollover (including external rollovers to fund insurance premiums), withdrawal or commencing an allocated pension from the account1.

Contact us at Priority1 if you need any help.

1 Where a partial rollover or withdrawal has been made, you may still be able to submit a valid notice for part of your personal contributions.  Where an allocated pension has been commenced, a valid notice cannot be provided for any contributions made to the account.