Is your will still relevant?

Many of our best laid plans rarely follow through exactly as we might have hoped. However, it’s another story when it comes to planning for what happens after we’ve left this planet. Our ideas about who will benefit from our estate could potentially change often during our lifetime. Estate planning ensures that when we die, … Read more

Planning ahead for the “Sandwich Generation”

Are you taking care of elderly parents? Do you still have adult children living at home? Do the words ‘meat’ and ‘sandwich’ strike any chords with you? You could be a member of the “Sandwich Generation” without realising it! Sandwich Generation refers to people who are ‘sandwiched’ between caring for elderly parents and adult children … Read more

Preparing for Tomorrow

Following on from last weeks article on aged care. Imagine you were no longer able to look after your financial affairs, or, less dramatically, simply found it an increasing burden to manage your money. How easy would it be for a trusted family member to step in and help you? There are many reasons why … Read more

Putting Aged Care Costs Into Perspective

A growing number of Australians are encountering the challenges of assisting elderly relatives with the move into aged care. One of them is David. Recently he had to help his 82-year-old mother, Jan, with the painful decision to move into care. It meant leaving the family home she had lived in for decades, separation from … Read more