Hidden costs of buying a new home

You’ve decided that it’s time to buy your first home; Congratulations! It’s such an exciting milestone in anyone’s life and should be as effortless as possible. It’s important not to be caught out by the hidden costs that come with the purchase of your home. The costs add up quickly and can cause issues if … Read more

Could your best friend be the key to getting into the property market?

As it seems that home ownership moves beyond many peoples’ reach, the option of co-ownership is seeing many Australians achieve their own Great Australian Dream. Co-ownership refers to a single property owned by two or more parties. Geared towards people unable to purchase a property independently, it involves pooling resources with others in the same … Read more

What do I need to know before investing in property?

It is no secret that Australians love investing in property. And while it can be an exciting prospect, it is essential to consider the finer details before jumping in, especially any ongoing costs and expenses you’ll have to pay.   Investment property tax deductions   It is vital that you’re aware of what you can … Read more

The Risk of Losing your Home

  As house prices spiral ever higher and interest rates test record lows, it has never been easier for anyone to borrow too much when buying a home and then suddenly find themselves struggling to meet the repayments. And the number of Australians in this situation is growing. Research by the University of NSW suggests … Read more

A look at real estate investment and strategy

 Real estate is often a significant part of a person’s wealth. This article takes a detailed look at real estate investment, including core fundamentals and the role it might play in a person’s portfolio. Bricks and mortar Australians love property. As an investment class, its popularity is probably due to it being a part of … Read more

Why property investors need savings

  Urgent maintenance is an unavoidable aspect of being a landlord, so having a cash buffer set aside will help you deal with any unexpected problems. When renting out an investment property, having access to extra cash is vital for two reasons:  to cover the costs of maintaining the property, giving it the best chance … Read more