5 tips to improve your financial wellbeing

In these ever-changing and uncertain times in society, there has never been a greater emphasis on our health and wellbeing. However, there is a crucial element that is often overlooked – our financial wellbeing. When addressing our overall health, it is essential that we also look at the responsibilities and stressors that come with managing … Read more

Why financial wellbeing is important to good health

Much like exercise and eating well, your financial wellbeing is key to living a happy and healthy life. So what is financial wellbeing and how can you improve yours? Financial wellbeing is often overlooked as one of the pillars of good health, but it’s every bit as important as your physical, mental and emotional health. … Read more

Ways to improve your work-life balance

In what has become an increasingly connected world, where we can be contacted at all times of the day and night, pretty much anywhere in the world, the pressure to be available at the drop of a hat can be considerable.  But just because we have the means to always be available doesn’t mean that … Read more

How important is money to your wellbeing?

Having more money should make us happier right? According to a number of different research reports, feeling good about life comes from a feeling of control over your finances, rather than how much money you have. The wellbeing formula for Australians After spending 15 years exploring what contributes most to the happiness of our population, … Read more

Don’t just sit there!

  Do you have a twelve-a-day habit? We’re talking seated hours, not cigarettes, although recent studies indicate that sitting too much and moving too little can be just as bad for your health. The Victorian Government’s Better Health website suggests that sitting is the new smoking, and plenty of studies are backing up the claim. … Read more

Decluttering your lifestyle

At what point does the amount of ‘stuff’ we have in our lives start becoming problematic? Spending the entire day organising his garage instead of playing in the backyard with his son was the catalyst for Joshua Becker to declutter. Now the founder of the Becoming Minimalist website and author of several books on decluttering, Becker realised … Read more

New year, new you (for more than a month…)

Did you have New Year’s resolutions last year? Can you even remember what they were? If the answers to those two questions were ‘yes’ and ‘no’, there’s a chance it’s because you gave up on your promise to yourself within a matter of weeks. In fact, stats from some surveys suggest that only 4% of … Read more

Does money bring happiness?

The short answer is ‘yes’, but only up to a point. People in richer countries are, collectively, happier than people in poor countries. Within countries, people with higher incomes are generally happier than people on low incomes. Surprisingly, once basic living needs are met, the amount of happiness gained from each additional dollar of income … Read more

Home-Based Care – Independence with Dignity

Supporting older loved ones no longer means removing their independence. With in-home care readily available, older people and their families are benefiting. A report by the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, confirmed, ‘Sustained enjoyment of life over many years could be linked with healthier behavioral choices, promoting longevity.’ “Sometimes I read these things,” Maria, a … Read more

Laughing Your Way to Good Health

If you hate sayings like “laughter is the best medicine”, it’s time to lighten up because aside from being true, it shows that you’ve lost your sense of humour! It is said that six-year-olds laugh on average 300 times per day but by the time we reach adulthood we’ve reduced our daily giggles to just … Read more