Volunteers Wanted to Help Test New Online Financial Website

We are pleased to be involved in the development of an independent website that aims to help people become better informed and then engaged about their own financial position.

We are seeking volunteers that would be happy to test (go in and play around with) the site – actually a good opportunity to start getting your own financial things in better order.

No obligations, we would just ask that you be prepared to give us feedback on the site and your experience. Things like

    • what features you like
    • what features you didn’t like
    • did you find the product helpful to managing your financial affairs
    • what would you like to see in the product that is not there at the moment
    • would you recommend the product to yours family & friends

Pretty painless but would help us a lot.

If you, or anyone you know, can help please send an email to corin@priority1.net.au before February 19th and we will register your interest.